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Next Workshops

1) Choral conducting/choral workshop for women (18th, and 19th. of May in Wetzikon, Switzerland)

Active participation: only women; passive participation: women and men
For beginners and advanced
Contents: contemporary conducting technique, creative rehearsal technique, efficient vocal technique for choirs, team leadership for women
Languages: German, English, French (Felipe Cattapan); German, English (Prof. Katja Cattapan)
Teachers: Felipe Cattapan (www.cattapan.ch) and Prof. Katja Cattapan
Application: KOSI Musik-Werkstatt, info@kosi-musik.ch
More information: http://www.cattapan.ch/naechste-kurse/

2) Choral Conducting/Choral Workshop in Arosa, Switzerland (28th. of July - 3rd. of August 2019)

For beginners and advanced 
Active and passive participation
Contents: contemporary conducting technique, efficient vocal technique, creative rehearsal technique, team leadership, video analysis of famous conductors
Languages: German, English, French
Teacher: Felipe Cattapan (www.cattapan.ch)
More information: http://www.cattapan.ch/naechste-kurse/

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